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Credit Insurance

abril 24, 2019

Credit insurance helps you protect your business against losses that can be caused by a customer’s default. It is designed for your business with confidence and explore new markets or products, with the assurance that you are protected against the risks involved in marketing a credit and this way of increasing your accounts.

When you hire a credit insurance policy you are basically hiring three services:


Analyze commercial risk objectively through a team of analysts who are exclusively dedicated to risk analysis by sector, industry, country, etc. taking into account all the variables that are at stake to classify the commercial risk and the capacity of short-term payment of a company.


Once a line is classified, if a client makes sure that a credit is granted with the payment in a timely manner, the insured has the support of a team of internal and external managers and lawyers to the insurer who will support it with the management of the collection of that account or accounts receivable.


Once the managers and lawyers of the insurer have made the collection management and within the term established by the policy they do not manage to collect 100% of the debt, then the insurer will indemnify with its resources a percentage of the balance that was left pending payment.

The importance of being supported by Zuleta & Asociados in the contracting of your credit insurance policy is precisely to have a specialist with more than 19 years of experience who can first, present a range of possibilities or proposals of several insurers so that you have several alternatives and compare conditions, after hiring you can receive support in every way, from the training of the management systems of the insurer, the administration processes of your policy, the correct way to declare a claim more effectively, etc. .

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