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Commercial Reports

abril 10, 2019

A business report allows you to see the economic performance of a company and its moral and economic solvency to meet its short-term credit commitments.

What is a commercial report for?
They are used to know the risk of establishing financial relationships with other companies, business reports are one of the most important elements for risk areas of credit insurers and credit areas of a company because they allow them to evaluate the capacity payment of their customers and thereby establish an adequate line of credit.

How many types of commercial reports there are, there are different types of commercial reports depending on the characteristics of the company to be investigated and the line that is to be granted.

That contain a commercial report? the information varies depending on different circumstances, however, they generally contain Corporate name, RFC, company address, commercial references, bank references, judicial and delinquency information, merchant type lawsuits, financial information, risk rating or credit recommendation between others.

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